Old Hickory

Print, Adobe Photoshop
This editorial portrait of Andrew Jackson emphasizes the president's heinous actions and villainous nature. Jackson, after all, is responsible for the Trail of Tears, and he is known to have killed several men in duels. The ominous branches, the shadowy background, and the blood-red color all help to illustrate Jackson's unpalatable qualities.



After drawing several thumbnail sketches, I worked up my two favorite sketches and considered what role color would play in the art. I ultimately decided that the tree branch portrait was the better option since the idea was more unusual, the portrait was more recognizable, and the hand-drawn type played a bigger role. 


Once I decided on the idea, I made a tighter drawing. I then rolled ink onto the back of the drawing and traced over the drawing to transfer the ink onto another sheet of paper. I think scanned this transferred image and edited in Photoshop.