Editorial Illustration, 16.75x10.5" spread, 4x4" spots
Ink, Adobe Photoshop
These spread and spot illustrations serve as visual metaphors warning the viewer of the impact climate change and rising waters will have on the Texas coast. 



After reading the article "Texas: After the Melt," I began to think of ideas for visual metaphors that could illustrate the main ideas of the article. I first wrote down a number of words relating to Texas and words relating global warming. I combined words from these different categories, and then began to visualize these word combinations. These are the various sketches I created from these word combinations.


The Texas flag idea seemed to be the most interesting solution, but it seemed odd that the water rising from the left side of the page would cause the spread to be read sideways. I began to sketch out ways that the water could be portrayed without this awkward orientation shift. I also experimented with different styles, eventually landing on the idea of using bandana design elements.

At this point, I began to experiment with the imagery, the placement of text on the page, and color.


Once I decided on the two spot illustration ideas, I sketched out a variety of ways to depict these ideas


I also considered how to incorporate bandana design elements into the spot illustrations so that they would better fit with the main spread.