In The Kingdom of Ice

Editorial Illustration
Adobe Photoshop, Ink
This illustration was designed for a book review of In the Kingdom of Ice by Hampton Sides. This books describes the USS Jeannette's failed voyage to the Arctic. I aimed to capture the coldness, the sense of isolation, and the looming presence of tragedy. Additionally, I wanted to include visual details particular to the USS Jeannette's mission (as opposed to an other Arctic expedition). These details include the masts of the USS Jeannette rising over the icy mist, and the copious supplies the voyager is carrying (the men of the USS Jeannette had enough supplies on their ship to last them two years, and they were forced to carry much of these supplies when their vessel sank). 



The process began with thumbnail sketching. For this project I wanted to emphasize shape and the play between positive and negative space. In order to do this, I sketched using ink, rather than pencil. These are a few of the sketches that I considered moving forward with:


Once I had decided to use the skeleton man carrying his supplies, I worked out the final composition and made the final drawings with ink. I then used graphite to transfer the images onto a linoleum block, and then printed the images onto a sheet of paper. Finally, I scanned these drawings and edited them in Photoshop, adding color and the slight offset effect.