1" Binder, 8.5x11" sheets
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator (2015)
For this project, I reformatted a chapter from the FEMA manual "Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness." The challenge was to create a layout and hierarchical system that would work across 40 pages of information (including text, images, charts, and various other graphic elements) while remaining visually distinct. 



The main challenge of this project was to design a grid and style guide that would work with all 30+ pages of this chapter form the FEMA manual. I created numerous thumbnails, considering such aspects as margin size, number of columns, relative font size, and placement of images.


After creating thumbnails, I selected the best options and began working on digital mockups.


I eventually chose to work with a single column, a sans serif font for the body copy, and the motif of the orange diagonal lines and found imagery.