16x20" Poster
Watercolor, Ink, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (2015)
This poster incorporates an arrangement of aquatic invertebrates meant to demonstrate the variety of invertebrate species while using x-ray imagery to visually describe the invertebrates' structure.



Because my initial topic of invertebrates was far too broad to encompass in its entirety, I had to decide how to narrow the scope of my collection. This sketch takes inspiration from Matisse's "Polynesia, the Sea"and focuses on aquatic invertebrates. The cut-out style letters are used to integrate the text with the imagery.


This sketch focuses on insects and utilizes macro photographs of different structures to illustrate the diversity within insectoid invertebrates.


This sketch includes x-ray images of various aquatic invertebrate. Like the macro photographs, these x-ray images enable the viewer to view the creatures in a new and insightful way. The overall arrangement of images references an x-ray illuminator.


Since some of the images I found were very low resolution, I decided to make watercolor drawings based on x-ray images and scan them at a high resolution. This also helped unify the images more and the medium of watercolor fit the theme of sea invertebrates.


I tried a variety of colors and compositions in order to figure out which direction worked best. I also experimented with different typefaces to determine which best captured the feel of the poster.