"All Things Bright and Beautiful" Album cover redesign

Adobe Photoshop

This illustration is inspired by the lyrics of Owl City’s album All Things Bright and Beautiful and aims to capture the spirit of the album. The drawing references songs such as Real World, Deer in the Headlights, and Plant Life. The fantastical imagery evokes a sense of wonder and recalls the beauty of nature.


"Cinematic" Album cover redesign

Adobe Photoshop
For this project, I chose to redesign the album cover for Owl City's 2018 album "Cinematic." The songs on this album focus on various moments from the life of the artist—Adam Young—with the premise that life is like a movie. Like the official album artwork, I included imagery from each of the 15 songs on the album. However, rather than add photos of Young and his family to reference his specific memories (as the original did), I tried to draw from the more abstract lyrics from the album. In doing so, I hoped to create a drawing that would be more relatable to the average viewer. Yet this piece still reflects the autobiographical nature of the album by combining the drawings into one silhouette of Young's profile. This suggests that all the imagery in the lyrics and on the cover are a reflection of Young's imagination and his memories. 


"Ocean eyes" Album cover redesign

Adobe Photoshop, Ink
This project was the precursor to my "Cinematic" album redesign. Although I do like the original "Ocean Eyes" album artwork, I wanted to create something that better reflected Adam Young's dreamy and imaginative lyrics. While I did not specifically set out to include imagery from every song on the album, I do reference many of the lyrics in this piece, such as:

"And then you yelled as we beheld/ An old maroon hot air balloon"

"Hello Seattle, I am a manta ray/ Deep beneath the blue waves"

"The disco ball is just hanging by a thread"